Nuclear Dawn

Release date September 30th 2011 Price £24.95
Format PC
Publisher Merge Games Distributor Advantage Distribution
Developer - Contact 0121 506 9590
Billy Langsworthy

Nuclear Dawn

The world has been left an apocalyptic wasteland by World War III in Nuclear Dawn. 

The title pits players against each other as either an Empire or a Consortium, two military factions who decide to spend their post-war days battling it out to grasp control of the world’s final few surviving resources.

Players can enjoy full FPS and RTS experiences within a single mode. Gamers are given the chance to both step into the shoes of a soldier on the ground for some FPS action, as well as rising above the bloodshed to organise the battlefield with RTS play in squad based games with up to 32 players. 

Nuclear Dawn features three types of infantry, each with different skills, strengths and weaknesses. So whilst Exos have a near unlimited amount of bullets and heavy armour, they lack the speed and invisibility cloak that the Stealths possess. The Assault infantry sit inbetween the two extremes due to their powerful long range weaponry, moderate armour and invisibility cloak exposing. 

Going global

Gamers do battle on six maps, each based on a real world locations such as Downtown, which sees New York given the end of the world treatment in a landscape full of perfect sniping spots. 

With the same engine used for Half-Life 2, a ranking system based on the real world military rankings and the interesting blend of RTS and FPS gameplay, Nuclear Dawn looks set to be a popular addition to the post-apocalyptic gaming scene.


Tags: preview , pc , mac , fps , rts

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