Dominic Sacco


Okami is one of the most cherished adventure games of recent years – boasting a Metacritic score of 93.

Capcom hopes to repeat the trick by making a sequel on DS, a format ideal for the title’s innovative painting-based gameplay.

Like the 2006 original, which was later released on Wii, Okamiden puts players in control of a magical wolf who has access to a ‘celestial brush.’

Think of Okamiden as a blend between Art Academy and a Legend of Zelda game – a sprawling puzzle adventure that allows gamers to use pressure-sensitive brush strokes to attack enemies.

Players can draw bridges for protagonist Chibiterasu to cross, connect paths to form a new route or hack and slash enemies. These powers can be acquired from deities and used to defeat the game’s demon bosses.

A partner system allows two players to join forces and use their own unique abilities to progress. Meanwhile, the game’s narrative combines humour with themes such as friendship. Characters from the original will also make an appearance.

Capcom is marketing Okamiden through its website which will be supported by activity from Nintendo UK.

“We hope to recreate Okami’s success on March 18th by recapturing the epic storytelling and Zelda-style gameplay,” says Capcom’s UK product and community manager Karl Reader.


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