Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Dominic Sacco

Operation Flashpoint: Red River

The Operation Flashpoint military shooter series prides itself on offering one of the most authentic war video game experiences to date.

Its tactical team-based gameplay and high level of realism has resulted in sales of 3.5m units worldwide.

Cold War Crisis originally set the series off with a bang on PC in 2001, and a range of titles have arrived on consoles in the years following its release.

Now Codemasters is releasing the latest Operation Flashpoint – Red River – which promises a more fleshed out four-player co-op experience, improved gunplay mechanics and new custom character options.

The developer-publisher says it is building on the success of 2009’s million-selling Dragon Rising.

“One of the key things to emerge from the research we carried out for Dragon Rising was that co-op was hugely popular,” Codemasters brand manager Dan Robinson tells MCV.

“So with Red River, we’ve designed the whole game around four-player, drop-in, drop-out co-operative play.

“Red River takes players as close as possible to the experience of being a marine. It’s authentic – that’s what has made the franchise so unique and successful, and of course we are remaining true to those core values.”

There’s no I in team

Players take on the role of one of four individual classes within a Fireteam which consists of a rifleman, scout, grenadier and an auto-rifleman.

Whether playing solo or co-operatively, gamers can build up experience points to unlock new weapons, skills and modifications for their class.

It’s this kind of team-based functionality that has inspired the game’s ad campaign (see ‘Flashpoint marketing’).

Robinson adds: “Naturally, co-op is central to the game’s marketing campaign.

“The advertising really emphasises the core USPs that make Flashpoint stand out from the crowd whilst leveraging our heritage.”

Other features in Red River include a hardcore mode for those who want the ultimate challenge, accurately modelled bullet trajectories and realistic dialogue.

With its authentic military feel and precise firing system, Red River is sure to be a successful extension of the Operation Flashpoint franchise.

Flashpoint marketing

TV Operation

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is promoted with a TV and cinema spot produced by Susanna White, director of military TV series Generation Kill and the Royal Marines TV ad. There will be ads running on C4, Sky Sports, Sky Atlantic, MTV and Dave.

Fantasy vs Reality

Codies is running a print ad that reinforces the co-op theme behind Red River, by displaying four normal men with their in-game avatars as their shadows. This will run in national and specialist press while online ads will run for two weeks ahead of release.


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