Peppa Pig

James Batchelor

Peppa Pig

For those not in the know, Peppa Pig is a beloved and highly successful children’s cartoon that has been delighting and educating young viewers since 2004.

Having already made a strong video game debut with a DS outing last year, the porcine protagonist now ventures onto a new platform.

Making her Wii debut, Peppa is set to entertain children with her first console title, published by the newly-formed P2 Games. The game is being released through a partnership with Ubisoft, which believes the franchise’s impressive popularity ensures the Wii adventure will recreate the success of its DS predecessor.

“Peppa Pig: The Game was a smash hit on Nintendo DS when it was released in November 2008 and continues to retain its Top 20 DS chart position in the official Top 40 DS full price chart, nearly six months after its launch,” explains Ubisoft’s brand manager Rachel Grant.

“With DVD sales in excess of 2 million units, a No.1 position in the children’s pre-school book sales chart and a top-rated TV show, Peppa Pig’s popularity continues to grow, so we have great expectations for the re-launch of the game on DS and the arrival of the Wii version.”

Peppa Pig features a range of mini-games presented in the style of the five-minute cartoons the licence from which originates. Players use the Wii remote to help Peppa and her friends with a variety of activites and dilemmas, from washing cars and cooking pancakes to building a snowman and splashing in muddy puddles.

Each activity features a familiar character from the series and relevant Wii Remote gestures to make the games seem more immersive. Games can be played with or without a time limit and can also be set at three difficulty levels to cater for children of different ages and abilities.

As children complete the games, they unlock new content, such as extra clothes to dress the snowman, more kites to fly and additional pictures to colour in. There are more than ten different challenges to take on that not only offer great replay value but also benefit children.

“Peppa Pig: The Game encourages the development of children’s powers of concentration, their creative skills and – through the timed games and scoring – their counting and number skills,” says Grant. “Playing the game on Nintendo DS and Wii allows the player to explore and interact with Peppa Pig’s world and is fun and entertaining for all involved.”

P2 Games will be working hard to support the release with an integrated marketing campaign that includes print and online advertising as well as significant in-store retailer support. This activity will be supported by a comprehensive national PR campaign covering TV, online, national and regional newspapers, radio and magazines. All of this will target two distinct areas: parents and kids.

While Ubisoft will be offering additional support to publisher P2 Games, and both are optimistic about Peppa Pig’s success, pointing to the continually strong performance of the original release as a good sign of things to come.

“Considering the DS version has sold consistently well and maintained Top 20 chart position most weeks since launch and has had sales to date in excess of 80,000 despite reasonably limited distribution, we have high hopes that retailers should expect long-term consistent volume sales from this title,” Grant says.

“Peppa Pig already has a great presence in all major UK retailers and the Wii release will see a growth in the already huge popularity of the Peppa Pig franchise. This will be a must-have title for parents to buy for their children.”


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