PilotWings Resort

Dominic Sacco

PilotWings Resort

When it comes to flying sims, you’d be hard pressed to find one that’s as adored as Nintendo’s PilotWings games.

The appeal of this series comes down to its family-friendly take on flying, with users able to command biplanes, hang gliders and even jet packs.

The emphasis is on fun over realism, and the result is a joyous blend of flying missions and airborne exploration.

PilotWings is also a name that will resonate with older Nintendo fans. It’s a franchise that first appeared on the SNES in 1990 before heading to the N64 in ‘96 – with both receiving critical acclaim.

In a bid to attract newcomers as well as golden oldies, Nintendo has attached the Resort suffix to the name, which is taken from the well-known Wii family smash Wii Sports Resort.

It’s also set on the same WuHu Island as the aforementioned Wii game, and this familiar setting is sure to please fans of that title, which has managed to shift 26.35 million copies worldwide.

Portable Wings

Missions in this new PilotWings include the classic flying-through-hoops, taking off and landing or aiming at a bullseye target.

The 3DS’ circle pad is perfect for navigating through the air, and makes it easy for gamers to fly wherever they choose. The game also has a free roaming setting for more relaxed sessions if players aren’t in the mood for challenges.

Players can even import Mii characters into the game. Users can create these using the 3DS’ own version of Wii’s Mii channel, where they can customise their own little versions of themselves, their friends and their family.

With its range of challenges, gorgeous locations, absorbing gameplay and new 3D visuals, PilotWings Resort is sure to be a bona fide 3DS hit.

Going retro


This SNES launch title was famed for its light plane flight, hang gliding and sky diving missions. It arrived in 1990 in Japan before heading to the UK in ‘92. It’s available on the Wii Virtual Console.

PilotWings 64

The second game arrived in 1996 and was praised by the specialist press. PilotWings 64 added full 3D visuals, a huge island and famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty.


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