Portal 2

Dominic Sacco

Portal 2

Portal was famed for its unique teleportation gun, first person puzzles and sarcastic AI – all using a modified Half-Life 2 Source graphics engine.

The game allows players to use a gun to create rifts in space – fire at a wall, floor or ceiling and a portal will appear there. Fire it at another location and a second portal will materialise. Walk through either portal and the player’s character will emerge from the second.

It’s an innovative mechanic that garnered Portal over 40 Game of the Year awards and helped sell 3.5m copies at retail. This is on top of a lofty Metacritic score of 90.

“Critically, Portal was one of the most successful games of all time,” Valve’s VP of marketing Doug Lombardi tells MCV.

“Portal 2 is a gigantic successor to the game. It features more of the innovative gameplay and story that won the first game so many awards, and adds new characters, game mechanics and a dedicated co-op multiplayer mode featuring its own characters and story.”

Glados to meet you

Portal 2 sends players back to Aperture Science Labs from the original, and reunites them with the sarcastic, devious yet lovable computer AI system Glados.

Gamers will have to navigate their way through new areas of the labs to escape from the evil computers, while teaming up with a raft of new characters.

But it’s the fresh co-op mode that promises to offer the most exciting new experience. Two players with two portal guns each means the possibility of four portals on screen at once – and the potential for more advanced puzzles.

Don’t rule Portal 2 out as a contender for one of this year’s best first person games – even if it does lack army warfare.

Portal to the world

In-house TV ad

Developer Valve has created its own animated TV advertisement for Portal 2 in-house. This will run on key channels around the game’s release.

Marketing drive

Online ads are running until early May on gaming, lifestyle, search and social networking websites, while four viral video shorts will arrive. Ads will appear on buses, billboards and in Tube stations.

Razer sharp controls

Accessory manufacturer Razer has developed a motion controller especially for use with Portal 2 on PC. The Razer Hydra can be used to control specially-made Portal 2 levels.

Cross-platform love

Buyers of Portal 2 on PS3 will receive a code that also allows them to install the game on PC. On top of this, cross-platform functionality allows PS3 and PC players to play together.


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