PowerUp Heroes

Release date October 7th 2011 Price £39.99
Format Xbox 360
Publisher Distributor Gem
Developer - Contact 01279 822800
Billy Langsworthy

PowerUp Heroes

Xbox Avatars have been condemned to a life of staticity on the dashboard. Sure, there are some games that use them, but none that give them such a powerful makeover as PowerUp Heroes does.

This Kinect game sees players suit up and become superheroes. The in-game universe finds itself in danger and it’s up to players – in the guise of their Xbox Avatars – to take down enemies using every part of their body. Gamers can collect over 20 super suits, each providing different abilities including the Necromancer suit which can summon a group of skeletons.

Players can bring up to two suits to each battle and claim a foe’s super suit once they are defeated.
Suits You Sir

Due to the Kinect requirement, players can look forward to physically getting involved in the action, striking forward to launch a whole host of projectiles, ducking and diving to dodge attacks and raising an arm to switch suits.

Friends wanting to join the mayhem can launch super assaults on enemies with two or four-player co-op and online battles. Gamers can fight their way to the top of the leaderboard or maintain bragging rights in the room with their friends.

PowerUp Heroes looks set to get gamers striking, ducking and shifting around the room as their Xbox Avatars suit up and take centre stage in a series of frenzied battles. It’s family fun in superhero form.

“As far as expectations are concerned, PowerUp Heroes is an exciting motion sensing action game for Xbox 360 Kinect, aimed at superhero fans of all ages,” Ubisoft UK brand manager Louise Marchant tells MCV.

“The motion controls make it a really immersive experience, and players will need to use their entire bodies to attack. It would make a great gift choice for any superhero fan, and we will be promoting it during the festive season as part of our Kinect range of family titles.”

PowerUp Heroes will appeal to families, Kinect owners and those who love kitting out their Avatars.


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