Prison Break: The Conspiracy

James Batchelor

Prison Break: The Conspiracy

Television properties can be just as hot as those of Hollywood movies, so Koch Media is understandably excited about its latest upcoming title, Prison Break: The Conspiracy.

Easily the biggest licence the company has dealt with, the game explores the early days of the hugely popular thriller series from a brand new perspective.

Players take on the role of Company agent Tom Paxton, a new character sent to the Fox River State Penitentiary to investigate why the show’s hero Michael Scofield committed a complicated bank robbery, despite not having a previous criminal record.

Trapped with the prisoners and other familiar faces from the series, Paxton must explore the prison to find the answers he seeks – and then find a way out.

“Prison Break is a huge opportunity for Deep Silver,” says Koch’s sales and marketing director Paul Nicholls.

“The re-telling of the most popular of all the series – the first – from a brand new character’s perspective has excited the fans.

“The game also looks incredible with some of the best talent to in-game modelling that has been seen.

“Add to this the fact that we have most of the key characters’ voices in the game, this will be an authentic Prison Break experience.

“We believe we have a hit on our hands here. We are building European-wide relationships with Fox, as the licence holder for the brand, and we hope to turn this into a long-term worldwide relationship.”

Awareness of the Prison Break brand is already high among the mainstream public, and Koch is working hard to make the upcoming game just as prominent.

Rather than a widespread marketing initiative, the company has prepared a heavily targeted campaign directed at the show’s established fanbase.

“We are sharing information with the massive Prison Break fanbase, mostly through social networking,” says Nicholls. “Our community manager does an amazing job of feeding information, assets and competitions through to the various forums and fan pages discussing the TV show to ensure that the game is front of mind for them.

“We are, of course, working with the specialist gaming press, with hands on previews appearing in the print press back in December and January.

“Many have also identified that the stealth element of the game will prove attractive to more casual gamers that may be intimidated by more hardcore stealth titles. Our work with the specialist press also proved that you don’t have to be a fan of the series to enjoy the storyline.”

Prison Break was one of the most popular TV shows of the last decade, drawing in millions of viewers around the globe.

Despite the series concluding last year, Nicholls is confident that both the game and the brand have more than enough appeal to make The Conspiracy a success.

“Even though the series ended last summer, there is still a massive amount of Prison Break enthusiasts thirsty for more to experience,” he says.

“For example, the official TV series Facebook page run by Fox has almost 1.5 million users that are still actively discussing the show on a daily basis.

“Our Facebook page for the game has seen an increase of ‘friends’ in the past few weeks alone. In addition to this, there are hundreds of dedicated news blogs, microblogs and social networking groups all still talking passionately about the show, engaging their communities on all things Prison Break.

“The sales of the DVD box sets of the TV series also continue to perform exceptionally well. This is all a clear indication to us that launching the game of the TV series is exactly what the fans want and will only serve to strengthen the brand further.”


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