Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

Dominic Sacco

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

The 3DS launch line-up has something for everyone and Konami is catering to sports fans with Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D.

The newest entry in the publisher’s popular football series has been developed from the ground up to take full advantage of the 3DS’ unique capabilities.

Not only does it draw players into the action with its 3D visuals, it also introduces new systems and mechanics to make the game more immersive than ever.

Most notably, the active Player Camera follows gamers’ every movement, keeping them in the centre of the action throughout the match.

The result is a close-up view of every pass, through-ball and shot, which in turn gives them greater control and allows for better judgement when making their next move.

It’s a feature that Konami is particularly proud of, and one that helps PES 2011 3D stand out as the only sports title available for 3DS on day one.

“It is a testament to the quality of PES 2011 3D that is has been chosen as a launch title for 3DS,” says UK general manager Pete Stone. “It has been signalled as one of the best quality titles of the launch range, so we have very high expectations for it.

“As the only sports title at launch, PES 2011 3D is also a stunning simulation, giving the user total control over the game. It uses the 3D capabilities of the handheld to great effect, with the Player Cam dropping the player right into the heart of the action.

“With the PES series’ reputation on the up, it is a chance to introduce the series to a new userbase.”

New fixtures

Uefa Champions League

PES 2011 3D allows players to take their favourite teams through the UEFA Champions League. The game simulates every stage of this hugely popular tournament.

Master League

This mode gives players the chance to mix things up by creating their own team. They can choose their squad from a roster of 60 national and 170 club teams, and lead them to glory.

Street pass

As players cross paths, their 3DS will exchange data from the Master League mode which determines who’d win a match. Meeting certain criteria allows gamers to unlock new players and teams.


Players can take on their friends in one-on-one matches across a wireless connection. These games will include complete play-by-play commentary, recreating the big match atmosphere.


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