Professor Layton and the Lost Future

Dominic Sacco

Professor Layton and the Lost Future

The critically acclaimed Professor Layton series is returning on October 22nd with a completely new adventure – Professor Layton and the Lost Future.

It features 165 new brain teasers, riddles and logic puzzles guaranteed to challenge and delight the franchise’s most seasoned fans as well as absolute beginners. As always, the game is available exclusively on the DS.

Nintendo’s UK & Ireland marketing manager James Honeywell tells MCV: “The first two instalments of the Layton series have been extremely popular.

“With these titles we have managed to bring in a very wide audience. They appeal to people who have enjoyed a wide range of titles, but most importantly titles from the Brain Training series.”

In Lost Future, the story starts when the Professor receives a letter from his young apprentice, Luke – sent from 10 years into the future. It warns that a terrible calamity has struck London – and pleads for the Professor’s help. Earlier that same week, the British Prime Minister had gone missing after taking part in a special test on a new time machine. Professor Layton is immediately suspicious, and all the ingredients are in place for a cracking new mystery.


Layton and Luke encounter a barrage of puzzles and problems as they travel back and forth through time and across the capital, attempting to solve their most baffling case yet.

The game manages to be simultaneously more epic and yet more personal. The backdrop and scale of the adventure has moved up a notch, but at the same time players get to know Layton and Luke better than ever and so get more deeply involved in their journey.

Honeywell says the puzzle series’ engrossing plotlines are one of the reasons why new instalments are
so popular.

“One of the key elements in the appeal is the amazing story that keeps people engaged and wanting to find out how it will all unfold,” he says.

Players use the DS Stylus to complete a wide array of brain-teasing challenges, including three new types of mini-game puzzles, as they follow the two heroes through London, taking in some of the capital’s most iconic landmarks along the way.

Professor Layton and the Lost Future boasts a stronger narrative than previous outings and has upped the number of animated movie scenes compared to the two previous instalments.

Gamers will be intrigued to learn more about the Professor’s mysterious past, his lost lover and even the backstory to his famous hat. They also get to take control of the iconic ‘Laytonmobile’ or, even more randomly, interact with the Professor’s new pet parrot.

The storybook can be completed by using special stickers which are rewarded to players when they solve special puzzles that are hidden throughout the game. Along the way they will meet a host of new characters who will also unlock additional puzzles.

As always, hints and tips are available if needed – but they do cost. For anyone who’s truly stuck, there’s a new Super Hint feature, but that will cost players twice as much.

Shortly after release, additional content will be available through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service – but before then, the DS adventure begins on October 22nd, with Professor Layton and the Lost Future.

“The Professor Layton series has rapidly established itself as one of the biggest franchises on Nintendo DS,” adds Honeywell.

“With the level of support we are giving it and the depth this title has to offer, we feel that it is definitely one of our biggest releases on DS this year.”


Professor Layton and the Lost Future will benefit from a wide-ranging Nintendo campaign…


Kicking-off one week prior to release, running up until October 21st, the 20-second TV creative will tease Layton’s London debut to both the current fan base as well as newcomers to the series, sparking mass anticipation and pre-orders. This will be used as a driving agent for the 30-second TV ad commencing the week of release and running until November 7th. It will showcase many of the new additions to the game, such as the fresh 165 puzzles that weave seamlessly into the fascinating storyline of Layton’s latest epic.

Nintendo will also be re-promoting the Layton franchise in November to continue reaching out to new audiences.


To celebrate this blockbuster release Nintendo will be rolling out the red carpet and inviting the public to attend the exclusive premiere of the game at one of London’s most desirable venues on the day of launch.


An integrated radio campaign will run with one of London’s top stations in conjunction with the Layton release. The promotion will build awareness and will also host competitions driving listeners to find bespoke Layton buses and then call in to receive prizes, some of which will be tickets to the premiere on release day.


There will be a London-wide integrated sampling tour that will give people the chance to get their hands on this triple-A title before its release.


There will be a full range of POS in-store available to support this blockbuster game.


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