Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call

Release date November 25th 2011 Price n/a
Format DS
Publisher Nintendo Distributor Open
Developer Level-5 Contact n/a
Billy Langsworthy

Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call

Since his first adventure, Professor Layton has become one of the biggest puzzle game icons around.

The Layton series is a real hit with casual players having sold over 11.4m copies to date.

The DS exclusive franchise was born in 2008 when Professor Layton and the Curious Village introduced consumers to the title’s hero and his apprentice Luke. It soon established a loyal fanbase of millions that instantly took to the puzzle-filled adventures.

“Professor Layton is one of the most popular game franchises on Nintendo DS, with an initial base in the UK of over 2.3m fans,” says Nintendo marketing assistant Rebecca Archer.

The new game, Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call, follows the release of the first three titles in the series and last year’s film. It’s a prequel set before the first Layton title and is the first of a brand new trilogy.

Fans can now explore the origins of Professor Layton himself in a story that reveals how the archaeologist met Luke, as well as introducing his original assistant Emmy. The trio seek to uncover the mystery of the Misthallery Spectre.

Creepy Conundrums

Featuring the hand-drawn animation and brain-teasing mini-games that have made the series a hit, Spectre’s Call will also have over 170 puzzles.

New mini-games include verb juggling, guiding a fish around an obstacle course and getting a model train to the right stations. 

Out just in time for Christmas, Professor Layton’s latest mystery will give DS consumers and fans of the franchise another puzzle-packed adventure.

Thanks to the Nintendo 3DS’ backwards compatibility, The Spectre’s Call will also allow 3DS?owners to play the game. Fans of Layton, casual players and older gamers (see ‘Marketing Mystery’)?will certainly be interested in Spectre’s Call when it hits shelves in November.

Marketing Mystery

A pre-release TV and online campaign for Spectre’s Call will target women over 35 years old in a bid to drive pre-orders. This will continue post-release to maintain interest in the title.

Layton coming soon to 3DS

Spectre’s Call marks the start of a new trilogy of Layton games for DS. However the Professor has a 3DS-exclusive game called The Mask of Miracle on the way too.


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