Project Runway

James Batchelor

Project Runway

Project Runway on Wii aims to capture the excitement of the catwalk from the successful US TV show of the same name.

The game is likely to appeal to casual players and fans of games including Just Dance, We Sing, Dancing on Ice and other much-loved Wii Balance Board-compatible titles such as Wii Fit.

In the TV show, contestants are given a fashion theme and must compete with each other to create the best clothes within a time limit. Like X Factor, one or more designers are eliminated each week by an expert judging panel, with the winner being the final fashion designer standing.

“The Project Runway TV series has a massive following in the UK and continues to increase in popularity,” says Namco Bandai PR and marketing executive Marlene Fitzsimmons.

“The game is sure to appeal to young tween girls, offering them everything they look for in a video game, from fashion design to catwalk modelling.”

Project Runway pits players in the role of an aspiring fashion designer who is presented with a series of challenges similar to the show. Users can create their own designs and give models new hairstyles, make-up and accessories to make it through to the next round.

Inventive use of the Wii Balance Board means players can become the model by showing off their own creations on the Project Runway catwalk.

The game will also feature the TV show’s complete panel of judges – Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors – as well as the top eight contestants from season six, including reigning Project Runway winner Irina Shabayeva. Host of the series and model Heidi Klum also makes an appearance in the game.

In addition to the core reality show competition, the Project Runway video game also boasts an interactive garment studio, fashion career mode, hair and make-up studios and fashion shoots where the player can take on the role of a high-profile fashion photographer.

Fitzsimmons adds: “The Project Runway brand is instantly recognisable and is sure to help the product sell through at retail.

“We expect to see the sales for Project Runway continue throughout the year as the brand increases in popularity.”


The Project Runway TV show first aired in December 2004 on Bravo in the US and has gone on to become a massive success, producing seven seasons and receiving an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Competitive Reality Series.

Namco Bandai has teamed up with Claire’s Accessories and to promote the game, with an online campaign aiming to reach fans. It will also promote the title in-store.

“We aim to ensure the product has high visibility in store to capitalise on impulse purchase through the brand,” says Fitzsimmons.

Project Runway will be released for Wii on May 28th.


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