Pucca Power Up

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Pucca Power Up

Pucca began life in 2000 as an online animation which quickly became a hit with kids in over 120 nations worldwide.

The brand now includes TV shows, stationery, kitchenware, clothes and games. It follows the story of Pucca, the young daughter of a noodle seller, who is obsessed with a 12-year-old ninja called Garu.

Describing it as cute would be an understatement.
The beloved characters are back in Pucca Power Up, a DS game featuring six episodes where players get to control both Pucca and Garu.

Pucca Power Up is a fun and quirky little platform game inspired by its animated series. The comedy and romance between the two characters Pucca and Garu is fun for kids as well as adults, making it a worthy family title. There are also plenty of mini-games within the title including ‘Kissing Garu’ and ‘Jumping off the Cliff’.

A Pucca brand

“Pucca as a brand is very quickly asserting itself as a worldwide franchise akin to Hello Kitty in its early days,” says Rising Star product manager Yen Hau.

“It is very quickly becoming an instantly recognised brand in Europe, matching the popularity it already experiences in the Far East.

“Pucca Power Up is one of the first few video game releases for the brand, and is ideally situated to take full advantage of this growing phenomenon.

“It really is a game that is easy to pick up, funny, endearing and suitable for both men and women, and boys and girls alike.”

Players can use weapons and tools to help Pucca chase Garu, who himself has access to a variety of ninja skills to enable him to escape her clutches. Other characters from the series make an appearance including Master Su and Tobe who leads a gang but is actually terrible at fighting.

Animated humour

Just one look at a scene from Pucca and it’s easy to see why the online series and TV show is such a success. The humour that comes from Pucca chasing and annoying Garu is both heartwarming and full of charm, and something that translates well into the game.

Powered up strategy

Rising Star Games is communicating directly with its community to advertise Pucca Power Up and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Product manager Yen Hau says: “The key is to effectively communicate the relationship between the branded goods that fans are aware of, and link it with the upcoming game, and we believe that we have the right tools and setup to achieve this.”


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