Putty Squad

Release date Apr 2014 Price n/a
Format Vita
Publisher System 3 Distributor CentreSoft
Developer - Contact 0121 625 3388
Dominic Sacco

Putty Squad

Putty Squad first arrived on the Super Nintendo way back in 1994 before hitting other retro consoles.

Today the title’s addictive platforming gameplay has stood the test of time, and thus publisher-developer System 3 is bringing it back in a shiny new package for the PlayStation Vita.

The project began as a HD remake for PS3, so it already had plenty of additions over the original before arriving on Vita.

Putty Squad tasks players with controlling the iconic blue blob who must rescue other imprisoned putties. It can stretch sideways to run faster, flatten itself to pick up items, inflate to float or even transform into a fist to attack enemies.

For Vita the game boasts a huge range of extras. Players can now zoom each level out and view it in its entirety using Map Mode, before swiping the touch screen to look around and zoom back in.

Using the console’s GPS system, users can collect Putty Squad stickers which appear in the in-game album. These can in turn unlock new avatars, outfits and levels.

Blob's your uncle

Putty Squad now boasts a Tutorial Mode which runs through the various putty moves and controls – ideal for the first-time player. Then there’s the Time Trial Mode where players can run through stages as fast as possible and compete with their friends on the online leaderboards.

Completionists will also be able to get more out of the game thanks to its Trophy support. Considering the PS Vita has only just launched in the UK, there still aren’t many platformers available for it, meaning Putty Squad has the chance to become a favourite of early adopters and lovers of platforming games.

The history of Putty Squad

Putty Squad first arrived on the Super Nintendo and Amiga in the mid-‘90s. The title received strong praise from games publications at the time, with Amiga Power awarding it a score of 91 per cent. Sadly, the game was never published for Amiga so gamers had to make do with the equally well-received demo version. 2012 marks Putty Squad’s 21st birthday.


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