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Quantum Theory

QUANTUM THEORY is a brand new third-person action shooter IP from Tecmo Koei – a publisher that has brought gamers a collection of cult hits over the years.

With franchises like Fatal Frame and Dynasty Warriors under its belt, Tecmo Koei has built a strong reputation for hardcore titles. Now it’s set to extend this gaming arsenal further with Quantum Theory.

Tecmo Koei VP of sales and marketing Will Curley tells MCV: “This is a brand new IP from Tecmo Koei and our first entry into the shooter genre.

“It is very important going forward to grow this series into another profitable pillar of our business. Quantum Theory appeals to a different type of gamer to those who play Dynasty Warriors, Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden so it’s crucial that we make it a success.”

The dark sci-fi fantasy title blends the cover-based shooter mechanics found in popular titles such as Gears of War with a moving, living environment that constantly throws new surprises and challenges at the player.

Quantum Theory takes gamers on a journey through the “Living Tower”. As players navigate through the moving rooms, new obstacles such as pillars, spikes and creatures mutate and jump out at them, providing a tense atmosphere to the game.

The story is as follows – a world war has ravaged mankind to near destruction, and a strange black material known as Erosion is threatening to kill off the remaining survivors.

The few humans left form a militia known as Cocoon to conquer the evil mass, which has grown the huge tower to engulf them. A post-apocalyptic battle between good and evil ensues.


It’s fair to say that developer Team Tachyon has been heavily influenced by Gears of War during the creative process, but this is no bad thing. It’s likely to please PS3 owners who have yet to experience the Xbox 360 exclusive series.

Quantum Theory’s lead protagonist, hulk-like Syd, has all the bearings of muscular Marcus Phoenix minus the chainsaw on the end of his machine gun, and the gameplay echoes that of Gears of War. There’s a similar rolling mechanic, the familiar duck-and-cover shooting and even some of the monsters resemble the Locust from Epic Games’ popular trilogy.

But Quantum Theory successfully manages to set itself apart with its storyline, multiplayer modes and several unique gameplay mechanics.

Gamers can instruct AI-controlled partner Filena to attack enemies and perform team-based combos in order to overcome puzzles and tougher bosses together. She can use a sword at close-range, detonate explosives from afar and can stun groups of enemies nearby.

Equally, enemies can form packs to overrun the pair, adding a tactical element to Quantum Theory.
Players can also take the fight online with up to eight gamers able to play in battle royale and team battle modes.

 “We are targeting fans of story-driven shooters,” adds Curley.

“We have a lengthy single player mode driven by great characters and an intriguing, mysterious plot. But not every gamer wants to blast through the single player game quickly as a route into the multiplayer. So, of course we have extensive multiplayer modes in there too.

“I think games like BioShock and Uncharted prove that shooters which tell a great story – or give player access to an intriguing world – can be very successful indeed, especially when building a franchise.”


In May last year Koei and Tecmo merged, with CEO Kenji Matsubara previously stressing the expansion of the Western market, and Tecmo Koei’s new focus on it. But it’s difficult for any publisher to find success with new IP.

Curley says: “We realise we are entering a competitive genre with a new IP so it’s a real challenge. We have worked closely with High Street and supermarket retailers to provide pre-order incentives such as exclusive playable downloadable characters and t-shirts to our key partners. 

“Using these initiatives we have managed to achieve great retail coverage for day one and this, coupled with our extensive market campaign, should drive great sell-through.”

With its multiplayer modes, unique storyline and co-op style gameplay, Quantum Theory will certainly please fans of third-person shooters, hardcore gamers and fans of Tecmo Koei alike.


Tecmo Koei promoted Quantum Theory at the MCM Expo in London earlier this year. 

The publisher led its collection of upcoming games with the title at the convention from May 29th to May 30th. This was the first time gamers were able to get hands-on with Quantum Theory outside of the Tokyo Game Show.

Tecmo Koei also sold limited edition figurines from its game franchises including Kasumi from Dead or Alive: Paradise.


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