Rabbids Go Home

James Batchelor

Rabbids Go Home

For this year’s Rabbids offering, Ubisoft is taking the franchise in a new direction, opening up the Rabbids’ maniacal universe to create a full-blown adventure game.

While the gameplay and structure will be new to the series, the publisher is quick to assure fans that Rabbids Go Home holds true to everything that made the original games so popular with families.

“For the past three years, the Rabbids have grown in Ubisoft’s portfolio to become one of our key franchises,” says UK brand manager Ombeline Wallon.

“The Rayman Raving Rabbids party games have been very successful and have generated a strong fanbase. With Rabbids Go Home, we built on this success but shook things a little: this time the Rabbids are going on an adventure to the moon.

“In this new title, the existing Rabbids fans will recognise the humour and craziness they loved in the previous games. Extending the franchise to the adventure genre is a great way for us to attract new consumers as well: those who were not convinced or have grown out of party games can now engage with the Rabbids’ zany universe too.”

Players take control of two Rabbids pushing a shopping trolley. Guiding this bizarre duo and their unorthodox mode of transportation around a variety of levels, gamers must explore their environment and complete a number of challenges along the way, making Rabbids Go Home accessible to those accustomed to mini-games.

And, as could be expected, the series’ smirk-inducing humour is apparent throughout the game.

“This is a Rabbids game: it has all the cuteness, cheekyness and irreverence that made the Rabbids famous and popular,” explains Wallon. “The Rabbids have got a strong fanbase and are popular with people of all ages.

“Being an adventure game, Rabbids Go Home is a great addition to the franchise, refreshing it while staying in line with the Rabbids personality.

“The game is primarily targeted at children, although their parents and older brothers and sisters will probably want to have a go as well.

“The release date, as well as the strong marketing campaign we have built for this title, will make it a serious contender on children’s Christmas lists.”

The marketing campaign will promote Rabbids Go Home from the end of October all the way up to Christmas. Ubisoft will be supporting the game heavily on TV, with additional support from print and online activity.

The publisher will also be sampling the game at some of the UK’s key shopping areas in Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, London and Newcastle.

During this tour, it will be running a ‘Pimp Your Trolley’ competition, where consumers can win trolley dashes and a variety of Rabbids merchandise.


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