Raving Rabbids Travel in Time

Dominic Sacco

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time

SINCE RAYMAN introduced the industry to his Raving Rabbids in 2006, the odd creatures have certainly got around.

They’ve made the transformation into toys and clothing, appeared in Renault TV ads and are even responsible for spawning Ubisoft’s huge Just Dance franchise. Now they’re going through time and space.

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time is a Wii party game that sees the Rabbids try to conquer history. It features new mini-games, multiplayer and utilises Wii MotionPlus for increased accuracy.

“We are going back to the party games which made the brand famous,” Ubisoft brand manager Ombeline Wallon tells MCV.

“In the UK, the Rabbids have sold over 1.3 million video games since their first appearance and we expect our new title to build on this solid base.

"Recently, the brand has also started to attract partners outside of video games which enables us to multiply touchpoints with consumers, therefore increasing the Rabbids’ fame. The Rabbids brand is certainly gaining momentum.”

Party time

Travel in Time has over 20 mini-games. Ubisoft is focusing on a richer experience rather than in previous instalments.

Up to four players can play simultaneously and for the first time gamers can compete with friends online, share scores with the community and compare in-game trophies.

The game is also being backed by a huge marketing campaign to ensure it has maximum consumer exposure.

Wallon explains: “We are spending around £1 million this year to support the new Raving Rabbids game as well as the figurines and the franchise. Our marketing campaign is primarily targetted at children and their parents, on TV and online.”

Raving about Rabbids

Ubisoft has put aside £1m to support the Raving Rabbids Travel in Time marketing campaign.


Multiple advertisements will run in the same ad breaks on channels such as ITV, CiTV, Cartoon Network and Boomerang, targeting kids and families. These will showcase key footage from the game.


Ubisoft is focusing its internet activity on the Cartoon Network and BinWeevils websites – two brands that engage well with children. The publisher is also launching a Rabbids Fan Club to keep in touch with fans and strengthen its community.

Limited Edition Rabbids

A special edition of the title is being offered by Ubisoft, feauring the game plus:

- Pirate figurine measuring 9cm high
- Unlockable in-game Ceasar costume


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