Resistance 3

Release date September 9th 2011 Price £49.99
Format PS3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) Distributor CentreSoft
Developer Insomniac Games Contact 0121 625 3388
Dominic Sacco

Resistance 3

Resistance began life as a PS3 launch title and is already a major FPS franchise.

The original, its sequel and its PSP spin-off all have a Metacritic score in the mid-80s. And there are plenty of gamers awaiting the fourth instalment with anticipation.

Unlike its many modern warfare-based rivals in the FPS space, Resistance 3 thrusts players into an alternative 1950s where the world is under attack from aliens.

While the first two PS3 games in the series focused on holding back an invasion from the evil Chimera, Resistance 3 presents a far bleaker situation. Set in 1957 (four years after Resistance 2), the Chimera have now completely ravaged Earth. As one of the last survivors, ex-soldier Joseph Capelli must leave his hiding place to travel to alien-occupied New Yorkin a bid to deliver a blow to the alien menace.

Along the way players can upgrade weapons which can be used to kill hordes of Chimera such as new ‘Longlegs’ enemies that can leap towards the player in an instant.

Resistance 3D

Resistance 3 is the first game in the series to offer both compatibility with 3D TVs and the PlayStation Move motion controller.

But not only has the game been improved visually, it features a number of new features, too.

Gamers can take part in a two-player co-op mode either online or locally, as well as a full 16-player multiplayer deathmatch mode. There are race-specific kill streak bonuses which unlock new special powers such as energy riot shields for humans and Chimera that can turn into deadly Ravagers.

Other additions include a Call of Duty-style levelling up multiplayer system that lets players customise their character and choose a specific arsenal.

Special Edition

A Resistance 3 Special Edition that comes in a ‘steelbook’ case will include a voucher code that lets players download in-game extras such as Air Fuel Grenades and character skins.

Survivor Edition

This top-of-the-range Resistance 3 SKU is the pick of the bunch for fans. Buyers will get a Resistance 3-themed satchel, hip flask, toy soldiers, playing cards, journal and firing range target.

PS3 bundle

Sony is hoping to attract new gamers with Resistance 3 and is bundling the title with a 320GB PS3 to do so.

Platinum pack

A budget PlayStation 3 double-pack is on sale now which features the 2007 hit Resistance and the 2008 sequel Resistance 2. It is designed to attract new fans ahead of the next game, and provides retailers opportunities to bundle the three games together.


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