Resonance Of Fate

James Batchelor

Resonance Of Fate

Tri-Ace is trying something a little different with its latest release.

The developer has ditched many of the stereotypical conventions of Japanese RPGs and created a new adventure with a Western twist that should appeal to gamers around the world.

Resonance of Fate is set in a dystopian future where Earth is unable to sustain life and mankind has been forced to live in a single towering structure.

Players follow three members of a private military firm as they complete missions and inadvertently stumble upon some of this world’s darkest secrets.

“Resonance of Fate isn’t your typical fantasy JRPG,” says senior product manager Ben Walker.

“Gone are the flamboyantly costumed heroes wielding oversized weapons and casting extravagant magic during turn-based battle sequences – now you have modern weaponry and high-action battles.

“We expect it to be well received by both press and consumers.”

Sega will be marketing Resonance of Fate through a specialist-focused campaign that uses a mixture of print and online advertising, all targeted at core RPG fans.


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