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IT’s FAIR TO SAY that Xbox 360 has enjoyed the lion’s share of RPG titles on consoles this generation – but few could match Deep Silver’s latest addition.

Third-person RPG Risen – a brand new IP – contains fighting, magic, puzzles, charachter development, traps and boss fights, all with striking detail.

The game is set on a volcanic island, which is populated with fantastic creatures and voiced human characters – featuring speech from the likes of Andy Serkis (Lord Of the Rings, King Kong) and John Rhys Davies (LOTR, Indiana Jones).

With a wealth of rival titles pushed to spring next year, October may prove the perfect time for Deep Silver to attract the niche audience they’re aiming for.

“Risen is Deep Silvers’ major launch of the year. Our expectations are that the game will be well received by both the specialist gaming press and consumers, which will enable us to create a major new RPG franchise,” said Paul Nicholls, sales and marketing director at Deep Silver.

Risen is a product that should appeal to the hardcore audience and those looking for an exciting new game experience.


“The game features more than 60 hours of gameplay, so represents excellent value for money,” adds Nicholls. “It will be supported with a far reaching marketing and PR campaign that will ensure no gamer will not have heard of Risen by the time the title launches on October 2nd.”

In preparation for the game’s launch, Deep Silver has a stacked marketing campaign lined up. Single page adverts will run in specialist magazines throughout September and October, as well as Deathray and Sci-Fi magazines. In total, Deep Silver estimates the game will be seen by more than 500,000 readers. Adds Nicholls:

“In terms of online we have booked homepage and channel takeovers alongside pre-roll videos across core gaming sites, as well as full page ads in PC Zine and 360 Zine running through September and October – achieving well over five million impressions.

“We also have community days in September giving fans of the genre a chance to get early hands on with the game.

“Risen is a beautifully told story that unfolds over four chapters. You enlist with one of three factions and play with them all the way through the game.

“The action takes place on a remote volcanic island in medieval times, and features unique enemies and interesting allies. Every action you make in game has a consequence. People will react to your style of play, as NPCs and monsters have their own daily routine. The triple-A voice over cast includes Andy Serkis, John Rhys Davies and Lena Headey. This is the hardcore RPG players’ RPG.”


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