Roccat ISKU Keyboard and Kulo 7.1 Gaming Headset

Release date September 13th 2011 Price £79.99
Format PC
Publisher Roccat Studios Distributor Gem
Developer - Contact 01279 822800
Dominic Sacco

Roccat ISKU Keyboard and Kulo 7.1 Gaming Headset

With more and more online and downloadable PC games on the market, the demand for premium gaming accessories is higher than ever.

ISKU Keyboard

This ISKU black keyboard from peripheral professionals Roccat features illuminated blue keys and a jagged shape for a sleek look. It boasts Talk Technology that lets it wirelessly communicate with the Roccat Kone gaming mouse.

For gamers who like to customise the way they play – such as World of Warcraft addicts and strategy fans – there are 36 customisable macro keys on the left-hand side, top and bottom of the keyboard. Five LED lights state which profile is in use so players can easily see the option they have activated. And online gamers who rely on fast response times will enjoy the 1,000Hz polling rate that promises no lag between keyboard and computer.

The ISKU also features an Easy Shift[+] key that can be used for the mouse and the keyboard. When pressed on the keyboard, the Roccat Kone mouse will light up and activate a specific function to complement the gamer’s style.

And for those marathon sessions, the keyboard’s extra large granular wrist rest ensures the player remains comfortable even when tackling more repetitive gameplay tasks. There’s also a cable channel underneath the keyboard which can store mouse and headset cables in a tidy fashion.

All of these features – along with its svelte styling – ensure the ISKU Keyboard will appeal strongly to PC gamers. It’s a?complete package at an affordable price.

Kulo 7.1 Gaming Headset

The sound accessories sector is a booming market and products are fast becoming ever lighter, louder and lustrous.

Take for instance the Roccat Kulo, an ultra-lightweight headset which promises incredible sound quality and solid build with a weight of just 178g.

It comes with 40mm drivers optimised for gaming, music and voice chat and also boasts noise cancellation which blocks out background noise and allows the user to concentrate more on in-game sounds.

But what’s really interesting about the Kulo is the way it mutes voice chat. It uses an Automatic Mic-Mute function which lets players flip the microphone down to mute their voice, or flip it up to talk. Most headsets use a switch on the side of the unit which, after periods of silence, often leads users to forget whether it’s switched on or off. The device’s microphone is also noise filtering so it picks up the gamer’s voice and blocks out unwanted background noise.

The Kulo has breathable on-ear padding and a soft headband that lets gamers stay comfortable while playing for hours on end.

With its lightweight build, fine sound quality and comfortable padding, the Kulo offers buyers a competitive product in a competitive market. And as a premium headset with a £79.99 RRP, it will also attract those gamers who aren’t willing to pay over the £100 mark for a headset.


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