Rune Factory Oceans

Release date May 25th 2012 Price n/a
Format PS3
Publisher Rising Star Games Ltd Distributor Mastertronic
Developer - Contact 0845 234 4242
Billy Langsworthy

Rune Factory Oceans

Having established itself as a brand with a strong fanbase in its own right, the Rune Factory IP is no longer being promoted as just a Harvest Moon spin-off.

Like other Rune Factory games, it again blends the farming of Harvest Moon with the monster-hunting usually found in other RPGs. Rune Factory Oceans marks the series’ first venture onto the PS3. It sees players stepping into the shoes of Aden and Sonja, two lifelong friends who awake one morning to find their souls both now exist in Aden’s body. 

To add to the confusion, their quiet town has transformed into a strange new island filled with people the duo have never seen before. It’s up to players, along with the help of huge golem Ymir, to discover what has happened.

Beyond the sea

Players can look forward to taking care of crops and taming animals, but Rune Factory Oceans promises fans the vastest world to ever grace the series, brimming with more character interaction, monster battles and opportunities for crop growth than ever before. 

“We anticipate a very positive reaction from retailers,” Rising Star Games’ product marketing manager Yen Hau tells MCV.

“We know the series sells well and we expect that tradition to continue and grow.

"This is a deep RPG that can also appeal to the family audience, so we expect Rune Factory Oceans to be picked up by the supermarkets and form a key part of their PS3 offering, as well as all other traditional High Street retailers.

"Rune Factory has set itself up as a strong brand in its own right and is growing with every iteration."

Moving farms

Rune Factory Oceans is the first game in the franchise which is compatible with PlayStation Move. Users can experience the kind of family-friendly motion-sensing gameplay Wii owners previously enjoyed with Rune Factory Frontier.

Growing hype

Publisher Rising Star is targeting families and consumers online with social network activity. It is also focusing on PS3 owners and fans of Harvest Moon and other RPGs.


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