Sea Park Tycoon

James Batchelor

Sea Park Tycoon

Sea Park Tycoon allows players to build their own sea park and fill it with a plethora of animals to attract visitors.

Foreign Media Games is targeting the six to 19-year-old demographic as well as females aged 20 to 49 with this title, and believes it could prove popular at retail upon its June 25th release.

The game aims to capture the excitement of a real sea park, allowing users to buy and look after creatures, build attractions, hire staff and ensure customers are happy.

A series of mini-games also enable users to look after animals, clean their tanks and rearrange extras to change the flow of the gameplay. As gamers progress they can unlock bigger animals including the giant squid, manatee and hammerhead shark.

There’s even the option to train sea lions, dolphins and orcas to keep the park as exciting as possible.


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