Shadows of the Damned

Dominic Sacco

Shadows of the Damned

Resident Evil. Silent Hill. No More Heroes. Three much-loved gaming IPs that have amassed a devoted following for their gritty style, bloody visuals and penchant for the obscure.

So what happens when you take the creative minds from each title (see ‘Brains’) and ask them to work on a new game together?

You get a blood-soaked trip through hell full of demons, giant guns and sexual innuendo, that’s what. You know, the usual.

Growing up

Shadows of the Damned is an over-the-top third person action shooter which has also coined its own sub-genre – ‘punk rock horror’.

Players control Garcia Hotspur who must travel to the City of the Damned to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, hunting demons along the way. It’s a mix of puzzles, shooting, twisted bosses and dark locations such as demon towns, shadowy forests and dingy sewers.

Gamers receive help from a flying talking skull called Johnson. They can even use a gun called ‘the boner’ and collect blue gems to make it grow in size. Yeah. We know. It’s the same kind of humour from No More Heroes that earnt Suda 51 a reputation for having zany game design.

That bizarre action series went down well with hardcore gamers and EA is hoping Shadows of the Damned will have a similar effect.

“The game promises to deliver unique and unparalleled gameplay with a true grindhouse and punk style,” says EA’s product manager for Shadows of the Damned Kuran Kapoor.

“It will offer gamers the chance to take on some of the most brutally twisted boss battles ever imagined from the minds of Suda51 and Shinji Mikami.

“Shadows of the Damned will be supported by an extensive online campaign to target hardcore gamers.”

With demons disguised as women, bosses with harmonicas sewn into their mouths, gargoyles shaped like goats and gates which have a baby’s head for a lock, Shadows of the Damned isn’t your traditional action game. And that’s what makes it great. 

Going hardcore

EA is targeting hardcore gamers with an online ad campaign. The publisher also has hands-on gameplay activity planned throughout the summer to get UK consumers playing it.


Shadows of the Damned is the work of three development veterans: Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami, Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka and No More Heroes director Goichi Suda (pictured).

Damned soundtrack

Those who pre-order the game with GameStop, Amazon or the EA store will receive a digital download of the game’s soundtrack. The main theme features classic English punk band The Damned.


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