Shelf Life: 24-7 Gaming, Maidenhead

Shelf Life: 24-7 Gaming, Maidenhead

MCV speaks to Kevin Garraway of Maidenhead’s 24-7 Gaming on the bundling battle between the
PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and how pre-orders have been faring for the store in recent weeks 

How has business been for you recently? 

It’s actually been going up year-on-year. Skylanders Trap Team has been selling a lot better than Swap Force did, and Disney Infinity 2.0 sold really well, too. Grand Theft Auto V continues to be a great seller – that’s really evolved over time as Rockstar has added in content to the Online mode, like Heists. It’s a combination of everything coming together. 

How have the consoles been performing?

PS4 has been a constant big seller for us, whenever we can get stock. Xbox Ones have picked up as well. The Evolve bundle didn’t sell as well as we thought it might, but the Master Chief Collection pack did really well. PS4s are still out-selling Xbox Ones, though. The variety of bundles that Sony has been putting together has helped that. The Xbox One bundles have just been for Halo, Evolve, FIFA and Assassin’s Creed. With PS4 you had GTA V, Bloodborne and loads more. That’s kept the PS4 fresh with all the different bundles it has going on. They’ve both been aggressive with their pricing. 

Has the competition between PS4 and Xbox One surprised you? 

Not really. For us, as trade prices remain fair, we don’t mind. It does mean that a lot more people are coming on board with the next-gen machines and buying games.

How have your pre-orders been recently?

Unless it’s a big triple-A game – something like FIFA or Call of Duty – we aren’t getting massive pre-order numbers. When we get the new IPs like Splatoon, we get hardly any pre-orders because consumers aren’t sure what to expect. Something like Batman Arkham Knight hasn’t had a massive amount of pre-orders. It’s the big games at the end of the year that secure the huge numbers of advance orders. To be honest, more places sell games these days and consumers know they can walk in and just pick up the game on day one. If they don’t pre-order it doesn’t matter.

What is your online retail output like at the moment?

We sell a lot of Skylanders over Amazon Marketplace. We don’t sell through Ebay anymore. We don’t make much from there. We only sell the stuff we have too much of. 


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