Shelf Life: Chips Stockton

Shelf Life: Chips Stockton

Matthew Ridge from Chips Stockton tells MCV about the challenge of attracting people to the High Street and why PlayStation 4 will perform better than Xbox One this year.

How has your business been doing lately?
It has remained stable so far, there’s been a few releases going great, so it’s going OK at the moment. The Division has been doing well since its launch, as well as Far Cry Primal and the new Dirt Rally.

Which platform performs ?the best for you?
PlayStation 4 at the moment. There’s just more support I suppose, more releases and more exclusives.

And which platform do you think will perform the best over the course of the year?
PlayStation 4 again, I think. PlayStation 4 has always been performing better than Xbox One. And Uncharted 4 is a very hyped game so I suppose there are going to be a lot of people buying the console to play that as well. We do digital cards for both also, and PlayStation does all right. Not so much on Season Passes but the ‘top ups’ are doing quite well.

And what about Nintendo? Do you sell a lot of Wii U games?
Yes, we do actually. It’s not amazing but the Twilight Princess HD game that came out last month did OK.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s next console?
I have to say that I’m quite optimistic but I would need to see it before I actually make a judgement on that. But hopefully we’ll find out more about that at E3.

What challenges are you facing at the moment?
Probably the fact that the High Street is kind of dying... There are not many shops on the High Street at the moment, so it’s a bit of a challenge to try and actually bring people to the High Street and come to our shop.

What are your prospects for the year to come?
It will probably stay as it is. Maybe PlayStation 4 will sell a lot more. Hopefully, with the VR technology coming at the end of the year, business will kick off. Obviously, it will sell quite well but I don’t expect any dramatic changes.

What are your thoughts on VR?
I did not have the chance to play VR titles yet, but this looks like a nice piece of technology, so I can’t wait to give it a go. It will definitely do quite well at launch. And if games keep coming, I imagine it will keep selling well for the years to come.


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