Shelf Life: Console Connections

Shelf Life: Console Connections

Chris Bowman from Shildon’s Console Connections discusses the hype surrounding virtual reality and shares his own experience of Oculus Rift.

How has your business been performing lately?
We had a very slow start to the year and it has taken a while for the consumers to start spending again.

What games have been selling particularly well?
Recently, Far Cry Primal, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and UFC 2 seemed to have turned things around and got us back on track.

What games are you looking forward to coming up?
Personally, Uncharted 4. I can’t wait to see Naughty Dogs’ flagship title return. It just seems they have the midas touch at the moment and can’t do anything wrong.

It’s coming out this May, as well as a lot of major games, what are your thoughts on this congested schedule?
I don’t understand why it happens year on year. Surely these companies look at the release schedule and think: ‘hang on, why don’t we wait?’.

What challenges are you facing at the moment?
Stock prices are always an issue; it’s getting harder to compete with the online stores.

What are your prospects for the year to come?
The outlook is looking very rosy especially with Sony announcing that VR will be hitting UK stores in October. I can only see this as another blow to an already struggling Microsoft. Currently we sell, in most cases, 75 per cent more copies of software on PlayStation 4.

And how do you think virtual reality will do?
I think virtual reality will perform great, there is such a buzz surrounding VR at the moment. The question is: will it meet our expectations? I was lucky to get hands on with Oculus a while ago with a dev version of Project CARS, but it seemed that it had a long way to go graphically. I hope Sony gives the opportunity for us as retailers to get hands on, so we can share our experience before launch. We all know that no one sells these products better than dedicated stores.

Is there any event you are looking forward to this year?
E3 is always the highlight for me.


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