SHELF LIFE: Console Yourself

SHELF LIFE: Console Yourself

Adrian Hill of Pontefract-based retailer Console Yourself discusses the rising popularity of retro gaming products and the advantages of stocking them.

How has business been for you recently? 

It’s been really good. The new consoles have encouraged a lot of people back into games. 

What in particular has been selling well?

Over the Christmas period Grand Theft Auto V sold crazy well. We also do a lot of retro stock in store,  which was flying off shelves during the Christmas period. People want that nostalgia feeling over Christmas, play those old games with their families on the SNES. The GameCube has sold well, too. 

You also sell stock online. How much of your business comes from the internet? 

Quite a lot of our business is online now. We have an eBay page, which has been performing brilliantly. A lot of that retro and collectible stock sells very well over eBay. Retro has really made a comeback for us. We have a college down the road and they buy loads of retro stock. 

Why do you think retro has made a return? 

I reckon that people just want to go back to the roots of games. They want to play all the platforms they missed out on. 

Has your move into retro been a recent thing or have you been stocking it for a while? 

We’ve always kind of had it, but it’s definitely become a focus for us in the last year or so. Everyone else has moved into the tablet and phone market, we’ve gone back to the retro stock. And it helps us stand out from the rest of the High Street. 

Is there a lot of competition in your area? 

Not really. The only other big game store nearby is Grainger Games, but we’re in different markets. We have our niche with the retro stuff. 

As well as retro, do you sell more modern stock like digital codes?

Yes, we sell the DLCSoft stock for PlayStation, and we’ve recently started selling Nintendo DLC. We’ve been selling the Sony stock for a while and it’s really come into its own now. At first we didn’t really know what it was. We’d like to see Microsoft do a similar thing to DLCSoft, because at the moment we’re just stocking its points. A DLCSoft system for Microsoft would make our lives much easier. 


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