Shelf Life: Eclipse Home Entertainment

Shelf Life: Eclipse Home Entertainment

Steven Ireland from Eclipse Home Entertainment explains to MCV why he does not sell PC games at all and discusses his optimism about the year ahead.

How has your business been lately?
Not bad at all. Consoles are selling well, and there were some good new releases over Christmas which have done very well, like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. They sold predominantly on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both perform quite equally to be fair, we actually do very 
well with both.

What challenges are you facing at the moment?
None particularly. I’m basically just looking forward to some good new releases over this New Year. I am looking forward to Uncharted 4, that will do very well I think, along with LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and that pretty much covers it for the moment. And personally, the biggest one I’m looking forward to at the moment is probably No Man’s Sky. There are other releases but these are the main ones for me.

What are your prospects for 2016?
It should be a good year, with obviously a much larger base of games consoles. Over Christmas much more was sold so there are a lot more new customers out there. Basically that should mean we will have a better year in 2016 than we’ve had for a while.

What platform do you think will perform the best this year?
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: I think they will both do equally as well. We do not sell PC games at all. Customers don’t buy PC games as basically everything is online on Steam. Honestly it changed that market completely. But that’s the way it is, we can’t do anything to change it.

Is there any event you are looking forward to this year?
I read about this new games show in London in April, so that could be quite good. Other than that, I am obviously looking forward to the arrival of Sony’s PlayStation VR.

How do you think virtual reality will do?
I think it will do very well actually, it just depends on price and software support. It also depends on what Sony does to back it up, but I am pretty sure they won’t release it unless it is ready.


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