Shelf Life: Games Centre Clydebank

Alex Calvin

Shelf Life: Games Centre Clydebank

On the eve of Game Centre Clydebank’s first anniversary, store manager Michael Deary tells MCV about what it is doing to celebrate, its plans for events this summer and why it wants more digital point of sale content

How’s business been recently?

It’s been great. We’re coming up to our first year now and we have loads of loyal customers, so things have been looking really great. 

What’s been selling well? 

The Order has been doing quite well, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse, too. Pre-owned stock is also a big seller in this store. And our pre-orders are looking nice and healthy. 

How has hardware been selling? 

Hardware has had its ups and downs. The new price points for Xbox One and PS4 have helped. They were flying off shelves over Christmas – especially PlayStation 4s. Right now, it’s quite quiet, given that it is March. 

As you mentioned, your one-year anniversary is approaching. Are you doing anything to celebrate? 

We are. Hopefully we’re going to be getting a game-themed birthday cake. We’re going to get balloons and stuff in store, too. And hopefully, we’re going to try and organise some goody bags, similar to what we did when we first opened the store. We arranged those through CentreSoft. 

Do you do many in-store events?

We do midnight openings. Not that many at the moment, but we did ones for the big games last year. In the summer we are also going to do a lot of daily events – Mario Kart Monday and that kind of thing. Just to keep people coming in.

What digital products do you offer at the moment?

Pretty much everything. We do the digital range and have a dedicated bay for Sony and Microsoft. We also stock the Nintendo eShop range, too. That’s been doing well. Digital has definitely become a driving force in our business. We have a lot of people who are coming on board with digital. 

What more do you want from publishers regarding digital? 

A lot of customers don’t know about digital, and if it was better presented in-store that might help. Microsoft in particular should be focused on getting us a better point of sale, so we can advertise its product. And at the moment we just do the top-up vouchers from Xbox – it’s very basic. 


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