Shelf Life: Games Centre Dumfries

Shelf Life: Games Centre Dumfries

Jamie-Lee Ross from Dumfries’ Games Centre discusses retro gaming and hardware mid-generation upgrades.

How has business been lately?

Fine. Now we’re getting into Christmas so it’s going to be busier.

What games have been selling particularly well recently?

Recently, it’s been mainly Battlefield 1, Mafia III and Gears of War 4 in terms of new games but we’re still doing quite a lot of trade on older titles as well.

Do you sell more titles on Xbox One or PS4?

It’s just a pretty even mix in Dumfries really between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Concerning hardware, we have been selling more of the Xbox One S recently, and the new Slim PS4 as well.I think most people are waiting for the PS4 Pro to come out.

What are your expectations for the Pro?

By the looks of it, we have good expectations. It got a decent number of pre-orders so it’s going to sell well.

Do you sell retro games as well?

Yes, and retro is actually selling really well at the moment. We’ve got a couple of NES retro consoles, and we have a large collection of different retro games, so I’m just waiting for people to trade more retro games so we can sell them. 

What are your expectations for the end of the year?

Just match all our targets and have a good year. The game I’m personally looking forward to is coming out next year, sadly: it’s For Honour. It’s out for Valentine’s day so that would be a nice present. 

Is there any game that’s coming out this year that you are looking forward to?

I think Infinite Warfare might sell well, and Skyrim is going to perform strongly.

What about VR? Is PSVR selling well so far?

Yes, we’ve sold out. Feedback has been great so far, it exceeds expectations.

And what are your thoughts on the recently-revealed Switch?

I already have a couple of pre-orders for that. I’m not a Nintendo fan but it does look like fun.


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