Shelf Life: GamesNation

Shelf Life: GamesNation

GamesNation’s store manager Sam Drysdale talks about whether his consumers are excited for the new consoles from PlayStation and Xbox.

He also discusses what virtual reality hardware he is going to be stocking.

How has business been?

Really good. Though we actually got broken into a few months ago and they cleaned us out. We set up a GoFundMe page and our audience helped us out lots. The insurance paid out for the stock that was lost and people donated lots of games to sell. Since then business has been great; the summer holiday was really good for us. 

What’s been selling well? 

A mix of everything really. It’s mostly been pre-owned stuff. I guess with kids being off for the holiday, they’re spending what little they have on second hand stock. There’s just been no new releases lately. Pre-owned gets us through the summer. 

Has there been much demand for the mid-gen upgrades Microsoft and Sony are doing with Scorpio and PS4 Pro?

Not so much on the PlayStation side of things. There’s been so much information coming out about the new consoles it’s just confusing. People aren’t sure what to do with themselves. Some people are just thinking about upgrading to the PS4 and Xbox One, not the slims or pro versions. It’s a great time to be a gamer, but it’s expensive. These new consoles have also drowned out VR. Who doesn’t want to play that? The focus should be launching VR and they have been drowned out by the new consoles. We hardly get anyone asking about the different VR headsets. 

What are your plans for VR? 

I’m not sure if we’re going to be stocking Oculus Rift, we’re focused on PlayStation VR. We have had interest in that. It’s expensive, we’re only going to get a handful in and see how they go.  

Are you going to be doing in-store demos for PlayStation VR?

Yeah, we definitely are. People will be able to check it out in our games room. You need to get that extra interest in VR.  

Are you still looking to expand into other towns and sites?

We have a location in Brixham, the next town over, lined up. And in Newton Abbot we hopefully have another site lined up. By next summer we should have at least three stores, which is exciting. 


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