Shelf Life: Home of Retro

Shelf Life: Home of Retro

MD Jon Moss tells us why he set up old-school-themed retail website Home of Retro, what has been selling well and what he hopes to stock in the future

Where did the idea for Home of Retro come from?

I obviously didn’t get out much growing up and was always obsessed with film, TV, gaming and music growing up, reciting entire scenes or songs. 

In the summer of 2013 I just started to think how cool it would if there was a store that showcased all things retro across every conceivable product area. Not just a fashion site or a home site but an all encompassing retro-themed site.

How do you source your retro products?

After developing my strategy and deciding on product areas I wanted to launch, I spent a long time researching on Google, looking at competitors and going to trade fairs.

Now it is a lot easier as I have developed a lot of contacts that can point me in the right direction. 

What sort of companies do you look to work with?

The most important thing to me is working with reliable suppliers that offer a core range with good availability and a fast turnaround. In the early days I was holding minimal stock and having to order little and often. I also like to feel that people share my love for the product as I was always very product focused in my buying and merch planning days. 

What sort of items sell best?

Bags have been a real success, especially the gaming ones. The Commodore 64 bag and the Spectrum one are our best sellers.

Your products stretch into the hundreds – even thousands – of pounds. What sort of customers do you attract?

We have two very different types of customers. There are the children of the era be it ‘70s, ‘80s or more and more the ‘90s. Then there is the young adults of today, the trendy Shoreditch types that seem to have a massive appetite for the retro old school vibe. We set out to take the central theme of retro and go as broad as possible with it to appeal to as many people as possible. We have everything from a £3 DVD to a £5,000 coffee table. 

What other product categories are you looking into?

Retro gamers seem to have an insatiable appetite for the retro days and I am hunting for as much new and exciting product as I can find. 


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