Shelf Life: Insane Games Wells

Shelf Life: Insane Games Wells

Steve Walker from Insane Games in Wells tells MCV about customers slightly shifting away from traditional video games, developing more business lines, and about his (high) expectations for virtual reality

How has your business been lately?
Around Christmas we were as busy as ever but we have seen quite a bit of a shift away from traditional video games lines to new things such as accessories and collectibles. 

What games have been selling particularly well recently?
Battlefront did exceptionally well for us along with Fallout 4 as well. They have predominately been sold on PS4 for us.

What are your prospects for 2016?
We’re basically developing more lines, probably scaling back from video games slightly but it will still be our predominant business line. Remaining competitively priced is probably our biggest issue. We’ll get more into collectibles, a larger range of accessories for video games, more of table games, board games and that sort of thing. And obviously trading cards are massive for us as well.

Which platform do you think will perform the best in 2016?
So far, for what we know, I would say PS4. But obviously we are on the very early days and Microsoft is playing its cards very close to its chest so it might have an ace up to its sleeves.

Is there any event you’re looking forward to this year?
The release of Morpheus, now known as PlayStation VR. Concerning games, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is probably the next title I’m looking forward to now. And personally, apart from the business, I’m looking forward to LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.

How do you think virtual reality will do?
I’m hoping it will do really, really well. Obviously I’m a bit worried about the entry cost of the actual machine, as it will prevent a lot of people from buying it but, I think it has the potential to bring something extra to games.

What are your thoughts on £499 price point announced for the Oculus Rift?
It’s quite pricey, which I think is going to hurt its sales.I’m hoping the PlayStation VR will not come out as expensive.


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