Shelf Life: Lees Games, Morecambe

Shelf Life: Lees Games, Morecambe

Andy Wareing of Morecambe-based Lees Games talks to MCV about the sales success of Dying Light, why Nintendo’s DLCSoft codes aren’t selling in huge numbers and whether VR will be a hit when it comes to retail

How has business been for you recently?

It’s been quiet, but boosted by the likes of Evolve, The Order and Dying Light. February has been quite slow, but January was busy. Everyone received PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones for Christmas, so we had loads of people in buying games for them – games like DriveClub and Destiny. 

What’s been selling well?

Dying Light did really well. We didn’t expect it do nearly as well
as it did, especially as it was released digitally first. We did pretty well with The Order, but not as well as expected. We have a quarter of our initial stock on shelves still. Evolve did okay, too. It was a steady seller. 

Do you think the delay helped Dying Light sell well?

A little bit, yes. A few people pulled their pre-orders when Dying Light was delayed and moved them to Evolve or The Order. But a week before Dying Light was released we had a lot of people putting deposits down for it. Then the day before it came out we doubled our order with CentreSoft. We were expecting it to be a bit of a flop, but it did twice what we thought it was going to do.  

What is your digital offering like at the moment? 

We do the DLCSoft Sony and Nintendo codes. Nintendo stock sells quite slowly. A lot of those fans really like physical products. They’re collectors and don’t want a digital version of Super Mario Bros 3. It’s trying to sell something to someone who doesn’t like what you’re selling. 

What more do you want from the publishers digitally?

Microsoft content would help. At the moment we just buy the subscription and denominations cards from Exertis. We buy five memberships and about £100 in points a week and they go quite quickly. We’d rather see a terminal like CentreSoft has, where you just pay a bill at the end of the week and that’s your DLC paid off. 

As a retailer, are you excited about VR and do you think it’s going to sell well?

I’ve seen VR come and go before. But no-one comes into our stores asking about VR. There isn’t much excitement there right now. 


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