Shelf Life: N1 Games

Shelf Life: N1 Games

MCV speaks to Sam Semaan, owner of Angel’s N1 Games, about the decline of midnight launches,
the challenges of online retail and why he has decided to start stocking selfie sticks

How has business been for you recently?

It’s been steady. Nothing special.  

What has been selling well?

Mortal Kombat X has been doing alright. That’s doing about as well as we expected it would. Bloodborne did pretty well on day one but after two weeks, sales trailed off. 

How has hardware been selling for you?

The bundles have picked up - we’ve been selling quite a lot of them recently. But otherwise it’s been a quiet time of the year. 

Have you been doing any events for some of the recent games?

No. People aren’t interested into midnight launches anymore to be honest. They used to get really excited about them, but I can’t see them happening here anymore. 

Why do you think this is?

I don’t know. The market changes quite a lot. Going back three or so years, it was different. You can’t judge a year based on any other years. You can’t predict what people will want and why. It’s funny. I can’t judge it myself. It’s a bit of a challenge for us. 

You have a website. Are you interested in online retail?

We tried selling online before, we did that for over two years. But we couldn’t keep up with the competition. So what we are doing now is advertising our location. It’s more of a brand building thing. 

What’s your digital offering like at the moment?

We have everything – we have all the digital stock for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, as well as Steam goods. We have the digital side completely covered, which is pretty good. It’s quite helpful. 

Have you diversified what you sell at all?

We have tried to expand and not just sell games, we want to have something extra, because we can’t rely on just one thing. We sell quite a lot of t-shirts. We have also recently started selling selfie sticks. They have been a big seller, especially over the Christmas period. And now we’re getting to summer time they should start selling pretty well again because people are going on holiday. 


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