Shelf Life: Outland Video Games

Shelf Life: Outland Video Games

Michael Evans-Taylor shares his enthusiasm for Nintendo’s next console (but not so much for VR) and talks about PlayStation 4 getting the upper hand over Xbox One.

How has business been lately?
It’s been pretty good, which is a nice surprise considering it’s just after Christmas and it is usually quieter.

What games have been selling particularly well recently?
The Division has been the big seller but, other than that, it has been mostly PS4 titles in general more than anything. There hasn’t been one stand out title because there were so many new games recently that have been huge.

What platform do you think will perform the best this year?
I think PS4 will continue to go forward. I’d like to see the Wii U getting a bit of traction, but Nintendo has been pretty stranded lately and it lacks a few exclusives. I think the PS4 has, in my opinion, better exclusives than the Xbox One. And it’s selling much better down here as well.

What are your thoughts on the next Nintendo console?
I’m really looking forward to the NX as I’m personally a huge Nintendo fan, but it’s hard to know what’s going on with them. I’m hoping it’s going to have some kind of compatibility with 3DS and the Wii U, since the Wii U has not been around for as long as consoles usually are in this generation. And obviously a lot of games have just come out on it. Nintendo also has the New 3DS that recently came out and they’re not releasing many New 3DS exclusive games. So, you know, rather than sort of killing its consoles entirely with a new one, we can hope for some kind of cross feature with the NX.

How do you think virtual reality will do?
I’ve used the Oculus Rift a few times at trade events. It seems good but I’m still not sure it’s more than a gimmick, like when 3D came out. Some games used 3D for a while but then it all settled down and you don’t really see it anymore. Unless you get some really, really immersive VR titles, I think it should be seen as a sort of gimmicky thing.

Can you tell me about your prospects for the year to come?
Things look quite good since a lot of very good games are coming out this year. I’m looking forward to the new Uncharted game. The second hand market is also stronger than ever, so that’s quite a good thing for us.


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