Shelf Life: Planet Games Bath

Shelf Life: Planet Games Bath

Matt Maloney from Planet Games in Bath discusses the challenge of keeping up with the Pokémon demand, especially on the retro side.

But he says he has yet to see huge interest in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

How has business been lately?

Very good over the Summer, with the tourists and with the students. 

What games have you been selling particularly well?

No Man’s Sky was a bit of a rush but that all settled very quickly. But what’s selling the best is retro. 

What kind of retro stuff is selling well?

Game Boy, GameCube and PlayStation games. There’s a big nostalgia feeling at the moment. All the Pokémon games sell very well. After Pokémon Go, people brought in their Pokémon games and they never hang around for more than a week.

What about hardware?

PS4 is doing very well at the moment. There are a lot of those coming in and coming out all the time. The Xbox One is doing all right as well, I think the backwards compatibility is definitely driving Xbox One. 

Is there any challenge you are facing with your store at the moment?

I think it’s keeping up with the Pokémon demand and Pokémon cards, oddly enough. We can’t get the Pokémon stuff in quick enough, it’s just a constant, constant stream. 

Do you already have pre-orders for the new Pokémon games, Sun and Moon?

At the moment, it hasn’t been huge - it’s a mid-level interest. Pokémon Go definitely reignited the hype for the older games but whether or not that will expand to the new ones, that’s what I’m interested to see. People are enquiring about Pokémon cards, they’re asking about Pokémon Go cards and the older games rather than the new ones at the moment. 

What about virtual reality?

I definitely have some interest in that. I’m interested to see how Sony will establish its headset. I’ve tried it and I think it’s got a lot of potential so I’m just waiting and hoping it sticks. We don’t have pre-orders in this store but I think we have a few elsewhere. People are fairly cautious and there’s more interest in 4K than VR at the moment.

What are your expectations for the end of the year?

I’m expecting it, especially in Bath, to be hectic. I’m looking forward to big titles that are coming out soon, like Titanfall 2.


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