Shelf Life: Stans Games

Shelf Life: Stans Games

Steven Stangroom from Stans Games tells MCV about the challenge of competing with Amazon and how card games such as Magic: The Gathering generate more profit than video games.

How has your business been performing lately?
It’s been ok, it has even been good. The Division surprised me, it sold really, really well, much better than I expected. Far Cry Primal also performed very well. But apart from these two big Ubisoft titles, it’s very short on games, there’s no real triple-A hit at all.

What platform do you think will perform the best over this year? 
It’s definitely PlayStation 4. I often get offered second-hand Xbox One. I’ve got probably ten Xbox Ones offered for every one or two second-hand PlayStation 4s. PlayStation also has a lot better titles coming out, whereas Xbox hasn’t got a lot of stuff. And I don’t do PC games anymore, there’s no profit in them whatsoever.

What games are you looking forward to this year? 
I’m personally looking forward to Doom and Uncharted 4.

They’re both out in May. A lot of major games are coming out that month. What are your thoughts on this congested schedule? 
All these games normally come through Easter, but it’s a bit different this year. I suppose it’s because Easter is a little earlier in the year, so games are all coming in May. I would have preferred it for Easter really.

What challenges are you facing at the moment? 
The problem is always Amazon. It’s cheaper for me to buy games on Amazon than it is via trade. It would be easier to barge in the games from this website than to get it from my main suppliers.

What are your prospects for the year to come? 
I do a lot of Magic: The Gathering cards. That’s quite popular, as well as Pokémon cards. I make the same amount on a pack of Pokémon cards than I do on a brand new game. So obviously I should probably move away from games and try other things cause there’s more profit in them.

How do you think virtual reality will do? 
I’ve just ordered ten sets from Sony: I’m already ordering because there’s going to be a shortage, but I’m not sure how it will do. At the moment, it is definitely too expensive but there will be people wanting it, because it’s new.


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