Shelf Life: Tech Mobile

Shelf Life: Tech Mobile

Louis Maciver from Tech Mobile in Stornoway discusses the impact of being located on a small island on the PS4 performance at his store, and about moving into the pre-owned market.

How has business been lately?

It has started to pick up again -— it was pretty quiet for the first few months of the year.

What games have been selling well recently?

No Man’s Sky did really well, with pre-orders on par with games like Call of Duty. We’ve had quite a few pre-orders for F1 2016 as well. 

What challenge you are facing with your shop at the moment?

The challenge at the moment is probably online pricing. If you compare it to the distributor pricing, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy games online than directly from distribution.

What platform performs the best at your store?

The PS4. EA games tend to do particularly well — FIFA always does well on our end — and Sony’s own games, like No Man’s Sky. We probably sell about double of these games on PS4 compared to the Xbox One. 

Do you think the PS4 will remain No.1 over the course of the year?

I would say so, yes. I think what’s happened as far as we are concerned is we’re a small island and PS4 and Xbox One came out pretty much at the same time, but we were able to get more stock of PS4 consoles. So I think that because we sold a lot more PS4 from the start because we couldn’t get the Xbox One, people have all gone for the same console so that they can talk to each other and play with each other. 

What are your expectations for Nintendo’s next console?

It was a bit complicated with the Wii U but I think the NX should do pretty well. But we’re actually also looking forward to Nintendo’s Mini NES with built-in retro games.

How is the Wii U performing?

Not very well, we only sell maybe two, three or four games every couple of weeks.

What are your prospects for the rest of the year and 2017?

The business just turned 12 last week, we have been selling games and consoles for about nine years of that, and we are wanting to start pre-owned games later this year. So if anybody has any advice please get in touch.


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