Shelf Life: The Game Collection

Shelf Life: The Game Collection

The director of online retailer The Game Collection Giles Davies tells MCV about the performance of the Xbox One.

He also discusses whether there has been demand for Microsoft and Sony’s mid-gen upgrades and what has been selling well.

How has business been lately?

Very busy. An increasing part of our business comprises of pre-orders, so September and October have been a bit hectic ahead of busy Christmas release window. Even August was unusually busy with No Man’s Sky, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided all generating a lot of sales. Although the marketing hype for No Man’s Sky did leave some customers feeling a little misled, which was unfortunate. We’ve also started selling clothing and merchandise in the past few months, which is allowing us to expand the range of items we offer our customers.

What games have you been selling particularly well?

Unsurprisingly, FIFA 17 has been our best seller over the last month or so. Mafia III has also sold really well along with Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. EA has launched three titles in the space of a month so they’ve consistently been our bestsellers We’ve also done well from 360 titles like Red Dead Redemption when they’ve been added to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility.

Has there been much demand for Sony and Xbox’s mid-gen console upgrades?

We don’t stock a lot of consoles, but what we’ve had in has sold well. We’ve sold more Xbox One S consoles than PS4 Slims so hopefully that’s a sign of the Xbox clawing ground back. We’re still seeing PS4 game sales beating Xbox One by about 4:1 so there’s a long way back. With PS4 Pro, we’re stocking a small quantity but pre-orders are going well so far. There’s a definite hunger for more powerful consoles but there’s also a ‘wait and see’ attitude from some, too.

What are your expectations for the end of the year?

There’s still a strong line up of new releases up until Christmas including Dishonored 2, Watch Dogs 2 and Pokémon Sun and Moon to name a few. We’ve built stronger relationships with distributors and publishers this year so we’re feeling optimistic for Q4.

Do you have plans to open a physical store at some point?

Not at the moment. We’ve considered a popup store at something like EGX but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Maybe it’s something we’ll look at in 2017.


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