Shelf Life: The Games Exchange Colwyn Bay

Shelf Life: The Games Exchange Colwyn Bay

MCV talks to Tom Ball from Colwyn Bay’s Games Exchange about No Man’s Sky’s performance, what hardware is selling well and what will perform well towards Christmas.

How has business been lately?

Not bad. Summer was good because of all the kids are off and people coming here on holiday.
So, it’s been good.

What games have you been selling particularly well?

No Man’s Sky went well, before everyone didn’t like it. Then, of course, they traded it all back in. 

How many returns did you get for No Man’s Sky? 

A few people. It’s not what they expected really, I suppose. 

What about hardware?

Console sales is a pretty even mix of PS4 and Xbox One, there’s no real incline towards any of the two.  

Is the new Xbox One S performing well so far?

We didn’t get any brand new. We got the PS4 Slim yesterday but we haven’t sold one yet. People have come here to trade in their Xbox One because they expect us to have the Xbox One S. So in terms of the new upgraded consoles, people seem to be going for the Xbox One. I’ve not heard much about the PS4 yet but if you got the good TV to go with it, I guess it’s a smart idea to get a PS4 Pro. 

You also sell merchandise – how is that doing?

Yes, we do a few models and Funko Pops, but Pokémon cards were really the main thing in the summer, with the little kids. The cards went brilliantly and merchandise went fantasticaly as well, teddies and all sorts Pokémon. 

What are your expectations for the end of the year?

We expect Christmas to be very good, with the releases of FIFA and Call of Duty coming out soon as well. Everything coming out before Christmas will all go well I think. We have a few pre-orders and there’s Pokémon Sun and Moon coming out as well. And hopefully Watch Dogs 2, Skyrim and Final Fantasy will be selling well towards Christmas too.

What about VR?

I’m not sure about that so far. As far as we know we’re not doing VR, I’m not sure yet. But a lot of people are talking about it. The bigger store in Rhyl will probably do PSVR in-store demos, but not here, we’re a little store. 


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