Shogun 2: Total War

Dominic Sacco

Shogun 2: Total War

Shogun 2 marks a mammoth return for one of the PC’s much-loved classic war strategy games.

The 2000 original focused on 15th to 17th century Feudal Japan and put players in control of entire armies. The Total War series has gone on to sell over 7.5m units across the globe.

Now Sega is publishing a sequel – Shogun 2: Total War – the latest in its line of popular Total War games such as Napoleon.

The publisher says a new 3D campaign map and online features will help drive interest in the title.

“We are confident that Shogun 2 is well positioned to be one of Q1’s biggest PC performers,” Sega’s senior product manager Ben Walker tells MCV.

“Going back to the original era has excited the fanbase, and the inclusion of persistent content will help retain a multiplayer community. This will extend the product’s life cycle.”

War has changed

Shogun 2 is developed by The Creative Assembly which also built the original. The team has studied the age-old Art of War book written by Master Sun Tsu, feeding historically accurate military strategies into the game.

The title boasts full 3D battles on land and at sea – with hundreds of troops on-screen at once – and features a stunning new graphics engine and intelligent AI.
Units can level up, too. Whether it’s a geisha assassin or monk, their appearance will change as they become more powerful.

A Call of Duty-style experience system has also been introduced which allows users to unlock units and levels. Players can upgrade their general’s melee attacks, archery skills and personality.

With lavish graphics and new multiplayer modes, Shogun 2: Total War is sure to be one of this year’s much loved PC strategy games.

Selling Samurai

Sega is building on the success of the original Shogun with pre-order bonuses and broad marketing plans.

What made Shogun a hit?

The original Shogun: Total War was released on PC in 2000 to critical acclaim. It was BAFTA nominated and went on to sell 7.5m units worldwide. Shogun was noted for its graphical superiority and gameplay depth at the time of release.


Sega is offering a Shogun 2 limited edition that comes bundled with a chess set made from bamboo. It features 32 individual hand-painted pieces. The special edition also comes with special armour for the in-game avatar and bonus XP.

Making History

A partnership between Sega and The History Channel will ensure Shogun 2 reaches a broad audience. Three-minute ad break takeovers and branding idents will showcase the game during the two-week TV campaign. 

Broadsheet marketing

A six-week Shogun 2 promotion will run in The Guardian and The Observer newspapers. Online ads will also appear on each of the publication’s websites, while editorial support and articles about the game will run both in print and online.


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