Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

James Batchelor

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Like many entertainment industries, video gaming is one partially fueled by nostalgia. A new installment in any long-running franchise is inevitably compared to previous outings. Such comparisons are more than valid when the latest release is is a remake of one of its predecessors, as is the case with Konami’s Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Marking the first time the series has appeared on the Wii, the game is in fact a ‘re-imagining’ of the original Silent Hill. Combining the first game’s impact on gaming and the potential of the Wii’s unique control system has created a compelling product and one that Konami couldn’t be more excited about.

“The Silent Hill series is one of Konami’s many jewels in its crown, and Shattered Memories is by far the most important advance in the horror series to date,” says Konami product manager Martine Saunders.

“The Wii version is a truly immersive experience, as players scour the town and face a series of horrific situations without any weaponry.

“All the usual shocks and scares that make the series so special are back with a vengeance, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has already been called the best addition to the series since Silent Hill 3.”


Of course, simply polishing the original and adding Wii controls would do no justice to either the series or the platform. Instead, Konami has added a variety of features, from new storylines and gameplay elements to a psychological profiling system that taps into the gamer’s terror.

Far from gimmicks, Saunders is keen to point out how these new additions make Shattered Memories more than a simple remake.

“The key to Shattered Memories is that it is a game that changes constantly,” she explains.

“While the game shares certain plot similarities with the original PSone title, this is an incredible new take on the series.

“The game is constantly monitoring the way the user plays the game and responds to situations, and the game duly adapts to their decisions. This psyche profiling means that characters and situations will differ depending on how the user reacts.

“Likewise, an in-game psychologist is used to garner additional information from the player. This means that two people playing the game will not experience the same game as each other, while other smaller differences will play out as the story continues.”

Given the importance of this title, Konami is pulling out all the stops to ensure that the game gets the recognition it deserves.

Extensive review coverage has been timed to coincide with the product’s launch, many of which echo the glowing and positive reception Shattered Memories received Stateside.

Konami’s marketing focus will be on retail, with a wide range of POS available in order to help give the game a strong in-store presence. The publisher is also in discussions with various movie partners about the possibility of cross-promotions with horror flicks and other similar franchises.

“Silent Hill is a strong series with excellent recognition,” adds Saunders. “The review scores from the US version are universally high, and the groundswell of opinion from UK press is also unanimously positive.

“It is probably the most innovative Wii title to hit the format in ages, and has a level of polish and depth that are missing from many Wii releases.”


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