Sin and Punishment 2

Dominic Sacco

Sin and Punishment 2

Sin and Punishment may not be the most recognisable brand, but there’s a substantial audience out there waiting for the upcoming sequel: Successor to the Skies.

For fans, the game’s release is significant on a number of levels. Most notably, it is the first time the franchise has seen a retail launch in the UK.

The original N64 title was only available in Japan, although it has since been released in the UK – to public acclaim – on Wii’s Virtual Console, paving the way for a new smash hit.

Thanks to its classic gameplay and high quality, Sin and Punishment amassed a dedicated following 10 years ago and now the sequel is set to recreate that by building on the series’ strengths with a brand new storyline and enhanced visuals.

“The look and feel of the game has been updated from the original and features some of the best graphics seen on Wii to date, whilst the gameplay itself still retains the elements that made the first title such a cult classic,” says Nintendo’s marketing manager Rob Lowe.


Players take on the role of Kachi and Isa, two fugitives on the run in a post-apocalyptic world. To escape their hunters, they undergo a series of missions that see them fending off waves of enemies and colossal bosses.

The on-rails gameplay of the original makes these missions an addictive challenge, where gamers must focus on their position and aim rather than navigating confusing sci-fi labyrinths.

Success is dependent on racking up high kill combos and making the best use of the space available to them, whether on foot or soaring through the skies.

“The original game is thought by many to be the defining shoot ‘em up title,” adds Lowe.

“As well as appealing to lapsed gamers who have strong memories of the original, we also hope to attract new players who have yet to experience the challenge of Sin and Punishment.”

Nintendo will be promoting the game with a multi-channel TV campaign around launch. This will focus on 30-second ads and target 16 to 34-year-old males.


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