Sniper Elite

Dominic Sacco

Sniper Elite

THE ORIGINAL Sniper Elite on PS2, Xbox and PC first made its mark in 2005 and went on to sell almost 1m copies worldwide.

Now the action shooter is heading to Wii, with Creative  handling distribution duties in the UK. More than 100,000 units have already been sold across Europe.

The game blends third person action with first person shooting and boasts improved graphics, extra levels, Wii Zapper-compatibility and other new features. Creative is confident the title will perform well.

“We are really excited with the opportunity to bring this game to the UK and Irish consumer – it really is a fantastic game and a proven seller,” says commercial director Craig Lewis.

“Sniper Elite is one of this year’s best shooter releases on Wii. It’s a true sniper simulation with one of the best background stories. The enhanced gameplay with the Wii Zapper, plus the inclusion of a previously unreleased bonus level, makes this a must-have for all sniping enthusiasts.”

Targeting the masses

Sniper Elite has strong appeal for shooter fans and gamers who play titles such as Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and FarCry, opening the title up to a large demographic.

The game throws players into the streets of war-torn 1945 Berlin as an American sniper disguised as a German soldier. They must gather intelligence about top-secret atomic research before Stalin and the Soviet army acquires it.

There are 28 open-ended levels full of soldiers, machine guns, armoured vehicles, guard posts and other sentries for the sniper to take out. Players have to factor in gravity, wind speed, heart rate, breathing and posture to pull-off that perfect shot.

Sniper Elite is also compatible with the Wii Zapper accessory, giving players a more engaging experience. As well as the single-player adventure, two players can take part in split-screen co-op.

Sniper Elite is setting its sights on sales success this December.

Building on the original

The first Sniper Elite was published by Ubisoft on the original Xbox, PS2 and PC in 2005. It was also developed by Rebellion – the studio that has worked on the Wii update. The title has seen sales of almost 1m worldwide and has a 76 per cent Metacritic rating.

Creative ideas

Creative Distribution is not just a distributor. In September the Croydon-based firm published its first title, Real Heroes: Firefighter. The game uses the Wii’s motion controls to allow players to wield hoses, axes and more to put out fires and save lives.


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