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Will Freeman

So Blonde

FOLLOWING its success with PC adventure gamers, So Blonde is heading to Wii and DS, courtesy of Lace Mamba Global.

The publisher is well-known in the niche PC point-and-click game market with titles such as Black Mirror II, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island plus its upcoming Xbox 360 debut Gray Matter.

And to kick-start its Q3 game assault, Lace Mamba Global is releasing casual adventure game So Blonde.

“The game was a huge success on PC – it’s a highly anticipated and credible release particularly among dedicated adventure gamers,” European MD Jason Codd tells MCV.

“It has huge potential to appeal to not only the hardcore, but casual gamers, too.”

So Blonde is the story of 17-year-old Sunny, the daughter of a wealthy family who finds herself stranded on a desert island after a thunderstorm strikes their holiday cruise ship.

Unlike the bright Caribbean scenery from the PC version, the Wii and DS adaptation features a darker location with a new storyline written by Steve Ince – the creator of classic adventure game Broken Sword. However, it still retains the PC original’s sense of humour and features over 40 characters to interact with.

Codd adds: “So Blonde is primarily targeted towards the youth market and core adventure game fans but it also has a real pick up and play appeal that all casual gamers will enjoy.

“Due to the younger target audience for So Blonde, online promotions and social networking will be key to marketing the game.”

So Blonde arrives in UK stores on Friday, August 27th for Nintendo Wii and DS.


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