Sonic Classic Collection

James Batchelor

Sonic Classic Collection

While diehard Sega fans are salivating over the impending arrival of Sonic The Hedgehog 4, the publisher is set to show consumers why the original three games were so popular.

Sonic Classic Collection compiles the timeless Mega Drive hits Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2 and 3, as well as Sonic & Knuckles, presenting them all in their original forms.

Each title still bears the classic 16-bit graphics that will appeal to retro enthusiasts and runs as smoothly as ever on the DS hardware. The action takes place on the top screen, while the lower screen offers a brief summary of the game and various easy-to-access menu options.

Not only will the compilation appeal to veteran fans, it will also appeal to new generations of gamers who have never experienced the classic platform games before.
In addition to playing as the titular hedgehog, Classic Collection allows Sonic fans to play as Knuckles throughout Sonic 2 and 3, which will unlock new areas and moves as well as adding replay value.

They can also use the new ‘save anytime’ feature to preserve their progress no matter when they have to stop playing.

As gamers make their way through the titles’ various worlds they will unlock additional artwork, giving them new insight into the original hits.

“We have very high hopes for this title,” says Sega’s PR and marketing exec Kate Billingham. “These titles have stood the test of time. They never lose their magic and translate extremely well to DS.

“Long time fans are going to love the accessibility, and younger gamers get to discover where the world of Sonic all began. It’s a terrific package of games, appealing to a very wide demographic, and we believe this will be a strong, evergreen title in retail.”


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