Sonic Generations

Release date November 4th 2011 Price n/a
Format Xbox 360
Publisher Sega Europe Ltd Distributor CentreSoft
Developer - Contact 0121 625 3388
Release date November 4th 2011 Price n/a
Format PS3
Publisher Sega Europe Ltd Distributor CentreSoft
Developer - Contact 0121 625 3388
Dominic Sacco

Sonic Generations

To celebrate two decades of the blue hedgehog, Sega is offering fans the ultimate gift.

For the first time, the entire Sonic back-catalogue has been combined to create an entirely new game, paying tribute to the series that has spanned generations and sold 80m units.

Ben Walker, senior product manager at Sega, explains: “Sonic Generations has been lovingly crafted by Sonic Team as the perfect 20th Anniversary celebration. It delivers a definitive experience for Sonic fans young and old. Having the ability to play as both Classic and Modern Sonic is a first for any Sonic.

"Mastering each of their individual moves and playing through iconic environments spanning 20 years and three gaming eras is a very compelling selling point.

“In addition to this, the game features a raft of unlockable features including additional missions which add substantial play time to an already huge adventure. The game is realised in stunning high definition and can also be played in stereoscopic 3D, allowing players to experience the Sonic universe in a completely new way.

"Sonic Generations delivers a fresh adventure with a distinctly nostalgic theme; a mouth-watering mix for any Sonic fan."

The story begins with Modern Sonic getting sucked into a ‘time hole’ and emerging in the original two-dimensional world from the Mega Drive days. Here he meets Classic Sonic, and players can then relive the famous levels recreated and re-imagined in HD.

The differing moves of each character allow for a completely new experience in each of the specially designed levels. This fresh approach to such familiar and well-loved Sonic titles will prove equally successful for both seasoned and new gamers.

Handheld hedgehog

3DS gets a slightly different version of Generations that has exclusive levels, each with a Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic track. There’s also a two-player mode and StreetPass content extras.

Sonic on tour

Fans have had a chance to play Sonic Generations at consumer games shows such as GAMEfest and Eurogamer Expo. Sega also marked the 20th anniversary with special digital demos.

Reaching new Generations

Generations will sponsor The Simpsons on Sky One for three months, and was included in Nintendo’s summer 3DS ad push. A TV and online ad partnership is in place with Cartoon Network.


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