Start the Party: Save the World

Release date November 18th 2011 Price n/a
Format PS3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) Distributor CentreSoft
Developer - Contact 0121 625 3388
Dominic Sacco

Start the Party: Save the World

This time last year the Wii-rivalling PlayStation Move controllers had not long been on sale, but Start the Party was already a success.

The collection of augmented reality mini-games went on to sell a quarter of a million units in Europe alone, and it became the flagship party game for Move.

Sony is now following this up with a sequel boasting 20 mini-games that aim to better the original, and give gamers a new incentive to play at the same time.

As the title suggests, in Start the Party: Save the World, players have to take down evil villain Dr. Terrible and save the in-game universe as well. How? By completing mini-games of course.

Using the PlayStation Eye camera accessory's head tracking and face mapping technology, participants can see themselves on-screen and must wave the Move motion controllers to progress. They can take part in several augmented reality games like Piranha Peril, which transforms the player’s living room into a giant fish tank and tasks them with picking out certain fish while avoiding piranhas. A second player can even use the PS3 controller to control an in-game boat to help or hinder the main user.

Other games include Super Sub Rescue and Pass the Controller. And with a selection of modes including Party, Survival, Free Play and Quick Fire, families will have plenty ways to play Start the Party:?Save the World this Christmas.


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